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Simon Wheatcroft lost his sight at 17 and began adapting technology to achieve the impossible. Through the aid of a smartphone and the feeling underfoot Simon learnt to run solo outdoors and ran his first ever race 7 months later - a 100 mile road race. Simon continues to run regularly. Believe it or not there are bigger plans in the future!

Braddan Johnson started running around 15 years ago. Inspired to undertake his first ultra marathon while living in the US he has become fascinated by remote environments and what the human body can achieve. Enthralled by covering long distance over arduous terrain he partakes in multiple mountain marathons, multi day races and ultra trail events annually.

Simon: "Running is important to me. I love to train, I love to compete. But if I wish to do this outside of a controlled or familiar environment I need a guide. I typically reach out for guides through social media so when Braddan approached me for support with guiderunning.UK I saw this as a great opportunity to formalise a growing movement and offer clarity and insights to other experienced or aspiring runners and guides alike."

Braddan: "I always enjoy training and finding new boundaries to push but it seemed the hours training could benefit others besides myself. Not all training needs to be flat-out and there seemed no reason that I couldn't share a run with someone who wanted the same experience but needed support. I quickly drew blanks at all major connections and along the way met others with similar experiences. Eventually I connected with Simon."

We are not an official organisation and as such cannot endorse the use of any advice shared in association with our brand. What we hope to achieve is a self-governing meeting point that allows experienced and aspiring VI and blind runners to connect with experienced and aspiring running guides alike.

In time we hope that this environment becomes a reference point for individuals and clubs who are inspired by existing VI, blind and guide runners.

Please support us in our endeavour.

GuideRunningUK on Facebook GuideRunningUK On Twitter is an online database of visually impaired, blind and guide runners as well as a resource for advice and notes on running with blind or visually impaired athletes. Our goal is to ensure people who wish to run - whether couch to 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon or ultra distance, VI runner or blind runner and people who wish to guide, whether experienced or not, have a simple route to the information and contacts required.

We offer basic guide running advice, guidelines and connections for anyone wishing develop experience in the world of guide running. In time we hope to offer connections for many sports including visually impaired and blind triathlon, cycling and athletics.

Register a profile and connect with a world of visually impaired blind and guide athletes or CONTACT US with any questions.